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Jonathan LLense

Editions FP&CF

Publication date : 2021/11/01
Weight 1220 g / Dimensions 24 x 32 cm / 236 pages / fr

Uncertain Life and Sure Death is a collection without narrative, made of photographs seized during two trips to India and placed successively, without texts or words. A work that has no place or date, it belongs to the moment captured by its author.
The graphic arrangement of the images gives way to white. The entire corpus can be read image by image, or in sequence, the model isolates or reveals, the gaze scrutinizes the image, seeks detail so much that the first impression does not say everything. The reader is free, he takes what he wants and composes his own fiction.

Jonathan Llense’s work takes shape through the pages and images, his universe is discovered through banal scenes, where everything is played out. Everything is there, in this somewhat sordid store where a rooster stands proud on a bar stool, lit under neon lights that betray the nocturnal frenzy of the outside world. We are only guests here, embedded in a parallel universe, so familiar and yet so different.

Without direction or real goal, Uncertain Life and Sure Death is an invitation to stroll alongside the author in the maze of his imaginary journey. His vertical images are like pauses that he gives us. The reader is his accomplice, to whom he offers a visual parenthesis of the world as he lives it.

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