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Un Moyen Âge émancipateur

Thomas Golsenne / Clovis Maillet


Publication date : 2021/12/02
Weight 200 g / Dimensions 13.8 x 21 cm / fr
ISBN 9782956978831

A recent survey conducted in French-speaking art and design schools leads to a surprising finding: many students claim that craftsmanship is the future of art and that witches will destroy Patriarchy.
They appropriate a composite imaginary mixing fantasy and copyist monks, medieval herbalism and communalism. At the same time, slogans in Latin are tagged on the walls by young revolutionaries. Could remedies to capitalism be found in the world that preceded its advent? To probe this political and artistic imagination built on a distant past, Clovis Maillet and Thomas Golsenne analyze contemporary works, medieval sources and the thought of Silvia Federici and William Morris who, each in their own place, propose an emancipatory vision of the Middle Ages.

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