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Now is Now

Nanna Hänninen

Kodoji Press

Publication date : 2021/12/01
Weight 200 g / Dimensions 11.5 x 14.8 cm / 160 pages / fr
ISBN 9783037470992

Now is Now, Nanna Hänninen’s latest book with Kodoji Press, speaks to the Finnish artist’s interest in everyday emotions and experiences that, although every human being is unique, can be felt and shared by all. Certain psychological patterns – what we do or how we respond – connect people and generate an emotional community. In this way, a personal experience or private perception can acquire a more universal meaning. Hanninen’s minimal aesthetic opens a tremendously large associative space and confronts the viewer with his or her own memories and experiences.

The group of works deals with anxieties, existential threats and survival in the jungle of emotions. This applies not only to the artist and her experiences but also to us, the viewers of her works. The series, interlaced with texts by Laura Kuurne and Tuomas Nevanlinna, explores the importance of the present as well as time itself and its relativity. The past is just a memory and the future is a construction of the mind, and between these two is here and now, the only moment on which we have direct influence.

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