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Living Trust

Buck Ellison

Loose Joints Publishing

Winner of the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation First Photobook Award 2020

Publication date : 2020/12/31
Weight 1101 g / Dimensions 25 x 32 cm / 132 pages / text in English
ISBN 9781912719174
Design : Lewis Chaplin & Sarah Piegay Espenon

Buck Ellison’s Living Trust investigates the visual language of privilege. Organized into chapters named by subject—such as “Daughters,” “Still Lifes,” and “Performance Fleece”—the book also includes two text contributions by Lucy Ives and Brooke Harrington. Photographs range from overtly staged Christmas cards and portraits, to still lifes of food and flowers and upper-middle-class activities, such as lacrosse, rowing, and golf. Taken together, these series offer a sustained, almost anthropological examination of the ways whiteness and privilege are both recapitulated and broadcast. “Living Trust emerged in our conversations as something that focuses really well on what many take for granted,” Onabanjo comments. “It is important to consider and make visible the silent violence and security of whiteness as it is continually maintained. This book does that precisely.”

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