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Imagining Everyday Life

Engagements with Vernacular Photography

Tina Campt / Marianne Hirsch / Gil Hochberg / Brian Wallis

Steidl Verlag / The Walther Collection

Shortlisted Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation Catalogue of the year Award 2020

Publication date : 2020/04/15
Weight 1260 g / Dimensions 17 x 24.5 cm / 432 pages / English
ISBN 9783958296275

Imagining Everyday Life—a new, comprehensive account of the origins and features of vernacular photography—evolved from a two-day landmark symposium organized by the Walther Collection and held at Columbia University in 2018. With leading scholars and critics from a variety of disciplines and regional perspectives reevaluating ordinary images through the lenses of power, identity, political participation, and ideology, new narratives that have been largely ignored or erased are inserted into the traditional read of the vernacular. In redefining vernacular photography by its social function rather than its aesthetic features, and examining the agency of its makers, Imagining Everyday Life proposes a much deeper and wider discourse around vernacular photography’s history and role. Richly illustrated and supported by texts that are “rigorous without being ponderous,” juror Joshua Chuang states that Imagining Everyday Life “provides a multifaceted snapshot of thought around the problematics of vernacular photography,” and is truly “an essential reconsideration of the topic.”

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