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Jeano Edwards

Sand dice

Publication date : 2021/11/01
Weight 730 g / Dimensions 22 x 29 cm / 172 pages / fr
ISBN 9781737229414

EverWonderful is the result of a series of photographs taken in Jamaica over the past three years. It started as an annual exercise – going home every summer, finding different ways of examining my identity through image-making and unpacking a very complex cultural aesthetic. It then evolved into a conscious effort to make a book, as I felt it was a strong medium to ensure that the work took a physical, tactile form while creating a narrative experience for people to engage with the story I wanted to tell.

The images reflect on the quaint, mundane beauty that emanates from the culture and the people. Image makers strive to use images to create/recreate the world as they see it which is precisely what I set out to do here. There is a certain softness and stillness that exist in how I see and experience home and something I felt was missing in the images I often see coming from the island. My hope is for this book to feel like a piece of home for anyone who owns a copy.”

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