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Desiderea Nuncia

Smith / Lucien Raphamaj / Diplomates Diplomates

Palais books

Publication date : 2021/07/01
Weight 650 g / Dimensions 23 x 31 cm / 132 pages

Exploring the porous nature of artistic and scientific practice, philosophy and speculative narratives, Desideration offers another space mythology, imagining an interstellar human race searching for a new alliance with its native cosmos. Playing on its troubled etymology, oscillating between a regret for the lost stars (de-sideris) and a desire for their return, desideration is both a diagnosis of and a remedy for contemporary disaster, for late capitalism and the chilling anthropocene. Our civilization seems to have lost some fundamental part of its daily relationship to the starry sky. This simple fact, which shines a light on the material and spiritual destruction of our societies, requires a new configuration of the imagination, a dream zone where new mythologies peopled by hybrid figures come together to make a new pact with the cosmos. Thus, in the terrestrial figure of Anamanda Sîn, we find a new sensibility, one in which meteorites link past and future, earth and sky, art and science, non-human and human, melancholy and desire.

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