Libella Group

Created at the initiative of Vera and Jan Michalski, a couple with Swiss, Polish, Russian and Austrian origins, the Libella group has gradually formed around meaningful publishing houses.

The group is unique because of its total financial independence and the diversity of its editorial production: French and foreign literature, travel stories, essays, documents, music, ecology, illustrated books. Priority is given to quality, especially to the quality of writing. To create a style, to discover and to launch authors who have a look committed to the world and are respectful of the values of the universal culture, that is the ambition of Libella. If the group welcomes feathers of today and tomorrow, it nevertheless takes into account the authors who made its fame in the past. A gateway between the French-speaking countries, those of Eastern Europe and the whole world with its promising horizons, a link between yesterday and tomorrow, Libella launches, through its pages, new talents, as unexpected as they are exceptional, And promotes a rich and abundant catalog.


Editions Photosynthèses

Buchet / Chastel
Born in 1936 by Éditions Corrêa, Éditions Buchet / Chastel was founded by Edmond Buchet and Jean Chastel. Head of the house until 1969, Edmond Buchet was a real discoverer of talents in French literature: Blaise Cendrars, Maurice Sachs. He also published well-known authors, including some great figures in the French literary landscape: André Gide, Paul Valery, Colette etc.

Noir sur Blanc
Éditions Noir sur Blanc creates bridges between the cultures and peoples of Europe on both sides of the iron curtain, publishing texts destined to last. Originally centered on the Polish and Russian domains in a still divided Europe, the production of the house gradually expanded to neighboring countries and the rest of the world as part of a collection devoted to travel literature, Escape and discovery.

Phébus, a demanding and non-conformist publishing house, offers a catalog with an anchor marked by foreign literature, which opens promisingly to the French domain. The work of goldsmiths accomplished by the publishers since its creation has allowed the construction of an extraordinary catalog of discoveries and rediscoveries of foreign authors, letting express all the voices of the world, classical or contemporary.

Les Cahiers Dessinés
The Cahiers dessinées, created and directed from the beginning by Frédéric Pajak, present drawings, without genre restrictions, funny or melancholic drawings, drawings of great travels or introspection, drawings of painters, writers, Filmmakers or unknown, drawings from here and elsewhere, before and after.

Libretto is freedom above all. The deserts of sand and ice. The clatter of arms under the walls of Ostend, the laughter of the filibusters and the courage of Captain Bolitho. These are the bagnes floating along the Thames described by Louis Garneray and the voyages to Chile by Francisco Coloane. It is the exile of Klaus Mann, the rise of the Nile by Sir Richard Burton, the immersion of Jack London in the shallows of London, the long march of Bernard Ollivier on the Silk Road, wonderful Africa Of Christian Dedet and the Soviet immensity seen by Ossendowski.